Pisgah Cyber

Exellence in Cyber Sciences

Is the next generation of start-upists studying at your school?

Provide them with the tools to help them succeed!

PISGAH is a high-quality program for excellence in cyber and technology.

The program was created in order to raise a generation that learns the technological language at an early age. The program is adapted for elementary and secondary school children. It places an emphasis on creative thinking and developing a sense of capability to succeed and excel. The lesson plans were written by top experts in the field and are based on profound thought, practice and theoretical learning.

Identifying and nurturing students’ natural talent for excellence, innovation and thinking outside the box is a vital element in training the future generation of scientists, creators and trailblazers.

The enrichment sessions are taught by professional instructors, who served in the elite technological units of the IDF’s Intelligence Corps, and who have experience teaching children and youth in diverse settings.

The program content was developed and written by pedagogical experts and adapted for children in grades 3-10, providing them with significant tools for creative and groundbreaking thinking.

The program emphasizes experiential learning and practical experience, such as, building a cellular telephone, robotics, building apps and websites, participation in national start-up competitions and more.